Pellet Burners 25-350KW

PELLET BURNER is the perfect solution for users with oil boilers, oil-and-gas boilers. You can easily save up to 50% on fuel.

“Pellas” burner - effective use of renewable energy. It is designed to burn biomass “pellets” – derived from the environment.

Application: for installation in boilers and bakery furnances.

Power range: 26kW, 40kW, 70kW, 150kW 250kW, 350kW


Burner in more than 80%, is made of stainless steel. Automatic cleaning: unique, licensed fuel mixer helps fuel oxygenation and self-cleaning of the internall fireplace, which significantly extends the unattended operation time of the burner. By using the Lambda probe – oxygen sensor which is optional burner equipment you can get an even better effect of biomass burning.

An integral part of the set are:

  • Pellas burner.
  • Fuel feeder (2 m long) connecting the burner with tank
  • LCD controller
  • temperature sensors

Automatic lighting: electrical fully automatic kindling fire in the burner chamber.

Automatic operation: work functions managed by the driver.

Control: external microprocessor controller allows programming of all functions of the burner. Has an input to connect a room thermostat / weather / automatic boiler and hot water thermostat.


Mechanical: Steel firewall with counterweights installed on the fuel inlet prevents withdrawal of the flame.

Electrical: STB sensor – power off when the temperature exceeds the critical 95 C – (not in bakery ovens). After activation requires to check cause, remove it and then proceed to manual reset.


  • Boiler temperature sensor.
  • Temperature sensor for the burner body.
  • Software protection against over-temperature: set point, the critical and the burner body.
  • Audible and visual alarm: notify about the burner fault.
  • Alarm messages are displayed on the controller.

Feeder: 230V AC motor with gear. Standard length 200cm feeder pipe – PVC material version for central heating boilers.

For bakeryboilers, tube version is made ​​of acid resistant steel.

Output sockets: to connect the central heating pump.

Recommended boilers: high efficiency boilers for solid fuel, gas and oil boilers.


Pellas burner 250kW in G 309 boiler.